This class is a great mix of keep fit exercises, e.g. squats, star jumps, lunges, etc, basic boxing (punch pad work) and core strength exercises, e.g. planks, sit-ups, crunches, etc.  The class instructor (Gary Davis) leads the class and gives instructions throughout (while joining in himself!).  Both men and women attend the class, and we have people of all shapes, ages and abilities.  We always advise our students to go at their own pace, so you can adapt the workout to be as challenging or as gentle as you need it to be on any given day.  We workout to an upbeat soundtrack, and the current group of students is a really friendly bunch, which all adds together for a good, fun class!  See some of the feedback we've had so far below:-

Kerry F:

Had an awesome workout tonight.  Feel great after!


Matthew T:

Great class with varied exercises each week, run by friendly people.  Come and get the results you're after.

Chris S

Fun and friendly club.  We've been going as a family and have loved every minute.  Every workout is different and the instructor always makes you feel welcome and does not judge.

Sonia D

This is such a fun class and everyone's so friendly.  I never thought I would see the day when I would enjoy cardio-type exercise, but I actually do now!