I have been training in kickboxing for 18 years now.  So far, I have reached the grade of 5th degree black belt (Master grade) and I am a certified instructor with the Cobra Martial Arts Association.  I also have a Black belt in Aikido and I am a certified instructor with the BAB (British Aikido Board).  Over time I plan to bring a number of the Aikido techniques into the our club's syllabus, as it is very good for self-defence.


Based in Andover, our martial arts classes are a mix of kickboxing with elements of Muay Thai ie elbow strikes and knee strikes, self-defence and fitness training.

Our training is mainly done using kick pads and punch pads, so there's no pacing up and down the hall kicking and punching thin air!  All training is done with a partner, but if you want to come to the lesson alone, there's always plenty of students who will be happy to train with you.  We practice in a warm, friendly and happy atmosphere.

I have always been interested in the self-defence side of martial arts, so, as well as kickboxing, we also practice a lot of self-defence techniques, such as blocking a knife attack, how to counter being grabbed round the throat, the hand/wrist, etc.  With kickboxing, we dont just use our hands and feet, we also use our shins, knees and elbows. 

We appreciate that there are many different reasons people decide to start training.  As well as learning martial arts, you may wish to become more confident, get/keep fit, lose weight, socialise or just get out of the house for a couple of hours.  Whatever your reasons for training, it's all good fun!  Everyone is welcome at our club.

There is no age limit at our club at all.

Anyone with an ego, or anyone out to "beat people up" should look for a different club!