Our kickboxing classes are for everyone - 

male, female, any age and any level


The monthly membership entitles a member of GD Kickboxing to attend any or all of the classes at no extra cost.

Children - we ask that a parent stays at the club for the duration of the class.  For the very young ones we ask that a parent holds the pads for their son/daughter.  


Andover classes

The Church Hall, Smannell Road, Andover, Hampshire

Thursday evenings - 8pm - 9.30pm

Sunday evenings - 6pm - 7.30pm


~ Come off the Tesco roundabout, with tesco on right and pets

at home on your left.  

~ The road goes under a railway bridge.

~ When you come to the next roundabout go right.

~ Just a little way down the road, on the left, just passed the school you will see the hall that we train in.