Are you being bullied ?

 Sadly bullying still goes on, will probably always go on, and can happen whether you are a child or an adult.

People who are being bullied - physically, mentally or both - can be left feeling anxious and lacking in confidence.  Practising a martial art of any kind can be a massive confidence booster, but obviously for someone feeling self-conscious, just attending an initial class can seem like a huge first step.

If you turn up to one of our classes, you will not feel out of place or uncomfortable in any way.  Everyone that comes to our classes are welcomed and looked after.  We don't let people stay at our club unless they treat their fellow students with respect.  We also let our students know that we will not tolerate them using any of the skills they learn in our classes for anything other than self-defence.  If we find out this has happened, that student will be told they can no longer train with us.

If you are being bullied and you would like to visit our club, please feel free to contact me (see the "Contact Details" tab).  You can call, text or email me.

I was bullied and pushed around in my school days.  I always wanted to learn some sort of martial art, not to beat people up, but just because it interested me.  I didn't have the confidence then to do it, but I now know that I could have!

Best wishes,

Gary (Instructor)