A productive, safe and welcoming place to learn

This class has really helped me a lot in building my confidence. Very friendly atmosphere where everyone is willing to help if you need it and you never feel uncomfortable if you get something wrong. My 2 sons also attend the class and they thoroughly enjoy it too. I find Gary a very good instructor with a lot of patience and he is more than happy to guide and show you no matter how many times it takes. I would definately recommend these lessons.

Chris P

A really friendly and enjoyable class

I find this club to be a fantastic very welcoming and fun class to learn from. It's a great place to be taught from a complete beginner with no experience, to the higest level.. deffinatly 10/10.

Gary L

Well run club with full commitment from the instructor

Gary runs the club single handed and still manages to find time to work with his students on a 1 on 1 basis. That shows dedication. All the students are friendly and helpful.

Andy P

Great class atmosphere and a fantastic teacher

I'm a new member to Gary's club - having reached a reasonable level in the martial art I teach I wanted to find opportunities to cross train and this club fits exactly what I wanted. Gary has an open and patient approach with any of us students and has the experience to be able to teach to a very high standard.  His teaching, for a new student, starts from the very basics and works upwards and is very easy to pick up, and as the pace of the class is individual to each student, there is no minimum fitness level required to join in and enjoy the class.

To finish, come along and join in, it's a great class taught by a great teacher!

Andy Devereux-Cooke - 3rd Dan Black Belt Test Valley Aikido

Enjoyable class run by a great teacher

I have recently joined Gary's club & really enjoy going along on a Thursday night. On our first class he quickly ran through every thing we need for our first belt, which I found a thorough & useful introduction.

He's a very patient teacher & explains things in a clear way.

I'd definitely recommend his classes.

Anita Lim

A really great club with an enjoyable atmosphere

My son originally joined the club to learn self defence after being bullied in 2007. He liked it so much he asked for me to join. We have now both been members for 3 years and have enjoyed every minute, rarely missing a session. I am now a black belt and my son is grading for his black belt shortly. We have both made a lot of friends at the club and have learnt so much. The clubs atmosphere is really good, we all take our training seriously but have lots of fun, Gary truly is an outstanding teacher.

Dean Bradbury